1. Asian communities in Germany:

Kung Bao Chicken“ by Hongkong director Bin Chuen Choi
story about Chinese food in Germany
– director attends the screening!
– Oberhausen International Short Film Festival 2010
– Chinese with English subtitle, 13′

Trailer of „Desi Berlin“ by Anil Yaqoob
an upcoming documentary about people from India and Pakistan migrating to Germany to create a better life.
→ cutter’s advice needed!

2. Asian-American Shorts:

Things You Don’t Joke About“ by US Vietnamese young filmmaker Viet Nguyen
funny story about a burglar, a couple and a lover
– English, 14′

3. Asian Shorts:

April Fools“ by Philippine director Trinka Lat
– an unconventional birthday party in Philippines
– director attends the screening!
– CCP Alternative Film & Video tilt winner 2009
– English, 11′

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