– this time with focus on “Identity & Discrimination”

1. “Article of Faith” by Christina Antonakos-Wallace

:: Activist Sonny Singh and his efforts to combat bias-based school bullying. (10min, English)

:: A part of the documentary “with WINGS and ROOTS” which reframes migration from being a national “problem” to a global reality through the voices of children of immigrants in Berlin and New York.

:: Part of the film team will come for Q & A!

2. “What kind of Asian are you?” by Ken Tanaka

:: comedy short about identity of Asian-Americans
(2:20min, English)

3. “Mercutio’s Dreaming” by Daniel York

:: tragic-comic satire telling the tale of a British born Chinese would be Shakespearean actor, and his travails with an industry that see him only as an “Oriental”.
(16min, English)

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