Award winning short films by Wayne Yung:
(all in English with German subtitles)

1. Search Engine (Canada, 1999)
A gay Asian uses technology to remember boyfriends past, in the search for boyfriends future.
4:09 min

2. Field Guide to Western Wildflowers (Canada, 2000)
The first Asian kiss
5:33 min

3. My German Boyfriend (Canada/Germany, 2004)
A gay Chinese-Canadian encounters ethnic stereotypes as he seeks his ideal boyfriend in Berlin. A comedy about mistaken cultural identities, a diary of immigrant isolation, and a love letter to a boyfriend who might have been.
18:29 min

Wayne Yung was born in 1971 in Edmonton, Canada, to a Chinese immigrant family. In Vancouver he became established as a writer, performer and video artist exploring issues of race and identity from a queer Chinese-Canadian perspective. Wayne moved to Germany in 2001, where he spent three years in Hamburg and four years in Cologne (studying at the Academy of Media Art), before moving in 2008 to Berlin, his current home.

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