Asian diaspora in Germany

Very interesting articles about Asian-Germans concerning community and cultural identity:

Concept and edited by Kien Nghi Ha in cooperation with korientation e.V., the magazine freitext and Heinrich Böll Foundation.

written by Kien Hoang Le, Trang Thu Tran, Carmen Wienand, You Jae Lee, Dongha Choe, Kim Gŭn-ch’ŏl, Lee Mun-sam, Kim Ch’ang-sŏn, Alisa Anh Kotmair, Nya Luong, Indira Hong Giang Berghof, Bé Điểm Nguyễn-Xuân, Baly Nguyen, Dan Thy Nguyen, Kimiko Suda, Sun-ju Choi, Nguyen Phuong-Dan, Stefan Canham, Angelika Nguyen, Yoko Tawada, Linda Koiran, Hanna Hoa Anh Mai, Miriam Nandi, Noa Ha, Smaran Dayal, Kien Nghi Ha …..

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